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Proud to be different

Photography has always been a hobby of mine, since I was as young as I can remember with my slimline camera and 35mm film I would take pictures of everything around me.  My earliest memories being when I was around 8 years old, rearranging my Grandma’s ornaments and taking pictures of them as if they were real and having a portrait shot!  I couldn’t wait to send off the used film and waited patiently for the postman to arrive some days later with my printed pictures.  All those memories are now in albums and I look at them now and then with a smile as it was these times that made me into the photographer that I am today.

I recently found out from my Grandad that he too was an avid photographer in his day who still has all the lenses and equipment, my Dad was also a keen photographer so I guess its in the genes!  All i know is that taking pictures is my passion and nothing else in the world provides the escapism and creativity that comes from picking up my Canon DSLR and shooting images, whether that’s a bee flying onto an open flower, a portrait shoot with a family or images of an empty room!’

Thanks to the technology available to us today and with Digital photography seeming to take over the industry, there are literally millions of ‘photographers’ out there, anyone with a compact camera can catch pictures of a moment in time, however it takes a certain eye to catch an image that tells a story, capturing an expression that says a thousand words.  That’s why Professional Photographers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to speacial moments like your Wedding Day, the first shots of your newborn baby at home, website and promotional pictures for your buusiness etc.

First impressions count for everything and in particular with a company, professional pictures could mean the difference between new business or your potential customers going elsewhere.

As a professional I am here to provide you with pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime and look at with fond memories and put a smile on your face with each viewing.