Water Drops

As a photographer I love taking pictures of moving things and overcoming the challenges that this may bring, whether that be of people or a freeze frame of something else like water.

I’ve seen so many images of water drops on the internet and although the majority are fantastic to look at they tend to be a bit ‘samey’ with not a great deal of variation or individuality.

With this in mind I decided to add a twist to the usual water drop image by adding other objects in the mix thus creating something different as well as conveying a fresh image that has the ability to capture the eye and stand out from the crowd.

By using the built in flash and a high shutter speed I was able to capture the water drops in a clear crisp way, timing was key and I managed to get some good ripple shots as well which I used for a different project. 

By creating the image from scratch I found ideas coming forward which built from one step to the next, my creativity coursing through my veins with a determination that if I was going to take on the challenge of submitting a different type of water drop image then I was going to do it well!

 A dripping water faucet
Knows not to slow or stop,
But knows that time is going by
and counts it drop by drop.

Yet while the faucet sets there
the drop is free to go…
it ends up in a river
or in a fallen snow.

It may find that it’s needed
to give a quenching drink
or help in making bubbles
for dishes in the sink…

And then again, it may be found
playing with your mind
by showing off a rainbow
and helping you unwind;

Or even on a summer day
a person finds it there
within the water that they swim
and summertime will share.

That faucet nor that water drop
can tell what will be done…
some times the drop will find you
and some times you find one.

  Jim Kistner Jr


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