Elegant beauty of a Swan

Swans have a natural beauty which is both elegant and fascinating to watch, from the way they interact with one another, to the great sight when they stretch their wings to show off their full size wing span.  I myself have never been lucky enough to see a swan in flight but I would definitely like to (preferably with my camera present!). 
I recently went to St Albans Park which is where I photgraphed the swan you see in these pictures, both myself and my sister sat by the water waiting for the swans to stretch their wings – why is it that these things never happen when you are waiting patiently for them?  Like watching a kettle boil, as soon as our back was turned the swans woke up, as if on purpose! Maybe they just weren’t in the mood to have their picture taken! 
I will get the shot I’m after …….. one day soon!

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